It comes as a drizzle
It comes as torrent
It comes as it please
Defying all human power
Bringing with it respite
From unrelenting heat
Bringing with it joy
To the hearts of farmers
To the hearts of desert-dwellers
Indeed it brings deluge also
Causing great loss and agony
Breaking hearts and spirits.

The rain: antagonistic as it is
I love it when it is mild
Seeming to reveal the essence
The starkness in everything;
I love how plants turn vibrant
Green, alive and thriving;
How they sparkle in the sun
Just after the mild rain
Reminded me of life’s battle:
Fought, bled and won with fervour
A new courage, a new zeal
Somehow reinstated in me
For battles yet to be won.

– Chingngaihlian Tunglut

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