To every one of us who didn’t give up 
When life gets painful and wearisome
To every one of us who keeps courage Despite burdens weighing us down;
Know that we are the light of the world 
Continuing to shine His light 
Shining forth hope for the world. 
So take a deep breath, take a breather,
It’s alright, it’s quite alright to be anxious! 
We must push on then, onward in His Word! 
Keep at it, friend; eyes on the prize! 
Keep running the race, in His grace! 
Keep pace with the Word, against the world
We are strengthened for we know
Our Living Hope intercedes for us 
Our hearts rejoice, our consciences clear
For we are the chosen ones in Christ:
Our Rock, our Redeemer, our Friend
Our wonderful Counselor, our Lord, 
The living sacrificial Lamb of God
Whom we praise forever and ever. Amen. 

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